Inventory Tweaks
Inventory Tweaks
Name Inventory Tweaks
Type Mod
Inventory Tweaks is a small mod that gives the player different ways to organize their inventory and their chest inventories.


  • Inventory sorting - Sorts your inventory by using the middle click or by pressing R (by default) at any time. The shortcut can be changed in the Controls menu in your options.
  • Chests sorting - In a chest window, there are three additional buttons in the upper right corner. They allow to sort items in different ways, but you can also use the middle click if you prefer (click several times to switch the sorting method).
  • Auto-refill - If you empty a quick bar square by eating, breaking a tool or placing blocks, the mod will automatically refill it with, if possible, a similar item from your inventory.

Note: Click on the ”...” button from your inventory to access features and customize the mod settings.